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World Soil Information Service (WoSIS) is a large database based on PostgreSQL + API's, workflows and dashboards developed and maintained by ISRIC, WDC-Soils. It provides a growing range of quality-assessed and standardised soil profile data for the world. For this, it draws on voluntary contributions of data holders/providers worldwide. Following cleansing and standardisation, the quality-assessed data are made available freely to the international community through several webservices, this in compliance with the conditions (licences) specified by the various data providers. The quality-assessed (wosis_latest) data can used to underpin digital soil mapping and a range of global assessments.

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ISIS (ISRIC Soil Information System) holds data on the World Soil Reference Collection, as physically displayed in the ISRIC World Soil Museum . It provides detailed site, descriptive and analytical data for soil profiles - or soil monoliths - that were selected as representative examples of the units distinguished in the legend of the Soil Map of the World. These profiles provide a valuable resource for education, correlation and research.

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Documentation and end point information on WoSIS GraphQL API masterclass